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I Am Wanting Sexual Encounters What is adult wet nursing

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What is adult wet nursing

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I am looking into breast milk donation. I have quite a supply and would love to donate my milk.

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I came across a site that you could offer your pumped milk or wet nursing services. Under one person's ad she had in bold letters "no adult wet nursing, no pictures. Have I been living under a rock? I never knew adults were interested in nursing for themselves?

Is this a fetish? Or is there some other underlying legit reason an adult would want to breast feed?

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I'm pretty sure it's a fetish. I've seen ads from men looking to breastfeed Im no What is adult wet nursing and I've heard there are adults who drink breast milk for various Best asian massage phoenix but no I don't think there is a legit reason an adult would actually need to breastfeed.

I don't want money for BM I was just googling breast milk donation and that was one of the first sites to pop nursjng.

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This was a site where people were obviously buying and selling. I looked into donating a year or two ago and there are some very sketchy sites out.

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I found a Facebook group called human milk 4 human babies and they have one for each state I assume as I am in the Virginia one. It just shares posts of moms looking for milk and moms looking to donate and What is adult wet nursing can contact the mom privately if you want to donate to.

I came across a site that you could offer your pumped milk or wet nursing services. Under one person's ad she had in bold letters "no adult wet. I was able to find several women online via personals and FetLife, including adult wet nurses. I have also helped to induce a few women. There is no medical recommendation for adults drinking breast milk. Indeed, one man is looking for wet nursing on demand "every four.

If you think her profile looks legit, which when I did it in the past, they were all clearly legit. Another similar wwt is a Facebook group called eats on feets. Again I guess there is one for each state. I once saw a weird Nicholas cage movie- every one of his is What is adult wet nursing actually- but this one had a dominatrix lady that nursed men during sex And he had a baby orphan for some reason, and hired her for the baby.

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I have never smoked drugs in my life, but whoever made that film must have Some people think it's possibly to thwart the spam. It's weird.

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Adilt have heard some people who are sick or elderly who want to drink breast milk. I would think if they are asking for it straight from the tap, it is more of a fetish.

I think I read an article where some woman was giving her excess milk to iss Dad who had cancer or. Whatever works I guess.

How could you confuse Clive Owen for Nic Cage? I donated over oz and met two women Whay a gas station to give them the milk.

I Looking Sex What is adult wet nursing

This is the film. I was or in a hotel, or an airplane when I watched this You are good- asult should make a thread, can you guess the film My 9 week old has had a cold for 2 weeks.

Had her in the doctor the first week and he said she was fine. Well Sunday her dry cough turned into a full on adult sounding wet cough.

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Got her in with the F by FaiMarie. Lots of interesting information!

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