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From weddings to high school reunions and everything in between, Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to host your best events. People from all over have hosted their family reunions, weddings, and company business retreats at Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast. But where do you begin to ensure your event will be one of your best events ever?

Best events

Start With a Plan for Your Best Events

Every successful event requires a plan, a good one. So, we suggest you start with this simply good plan.

Out of Your Head and Onto Paper

  • Pour yourself a good cup of coffee or tea. Then, with paper and pen in hand, think about the event you want to host. Think about the desired outcome and everyone involved. Now, start formulating a plan in your mind’s eye.
  • Start writing. Write down every idea that comes to mind, while picturing the best possible outcome for the event.
  • After you write down every one of your ideas, go back through your list and select your best ideas.
  • Formulate a good plan and make sure each idea comes to life. Do some research and talk to people who successfully put on the best events ever. Gather their top-notch ideas and information to make your event happen.
  • Make your plan visual. Cut out pictures and words and create a vision board with them. Choose pictures and words that give a visual of what your desired outcome will be and glue or tape them onto poster board.

Best events

Making Your Best Events Happen

  • Now it’s time to prepare a budget. Get online and read newspaper and magazine articles to help you determine the cost of your event. The cost of the place where you wish to host your event, food, and decorations must certainly be considered. A good rule of thumb is to “round up” each individual cost to keep from underestimating the total cost.
  • Create a timeline. List the items that require the most time first moving on to the items that require the least amount of time last.
  • Order or shop for everything needed for the event, and delegate whatever you can for the step in the planning process.
  • Make a checklist that works with your timeline. List each item individually and check off each one as it’s accomplished. This is a very encouraging and gratifying step!
  • Double check to make sure everything is on-target about seven days before the event is to take place.
  • If you choose to make decorations or have them made for the event, start making them as soon as possible or order them first thing. This will allow you or those making the decorations ample time to get them completed on time without overwhelm. Starting on the decorations early also allows for miscalculations and “mess-ups” and “re-dos.”
  • Arrive on location where the event is taking place a few hours earlier than the designated start time. Make sure everyone, and everything that they are helping with, is in their place setting up.
  • And finally, receive your guests as they arrive.

Best events

Call Now to Reserve Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast for Your Best Events 

Striking a balance between experience, budget, and emotion is tricky business. But when you nail it, you’ll create the best events ever!

We know Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place for a Western experience and Cowboy feel. Contact us today at (307) 532- 6496 to make reservations. You can host your best events, from high school reunions to business retreats, weddings to family reunions at Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast. We’re cost-effective and accommodating. You simply cannot go wrong hosting your best events with us, whatever the occasion!

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