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Property you want

Could this be a photo of the property you want? You’re invited to take a look and see for yourself June 9-10, 2018!

“Buy land. They ain’t makin’ any more of it.” – Cowboy Philosopher Will Rogers

If you’ve been looking for the property of your dreams, look no further! We know just the place. The property you want is right here at Pine Ridge Ranch. And you are invited to come see it, stand on it, and even purchase it June 9-10, 2018.

Where You Can Find the Property You Want

Pine Ridge Ranch is home to deer, antelope, the occasional elk, and other wildlife, great and small.

The land parcels, which are available for purchase, are located about six and a half miles north of the historic town of Fort Laramie, Wyoming. They boast a ridge of cool pines that make their way to grassy, rolling hills and dramatic panoramic vistas. Close your eyes and picture gorgeous views and wide open spaces. Imagine taking in lots of clean, fresh air, or better yet, come to experience it all in person.

When You Can Tour the Property You Want

On Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10, 2018, Russ and Karen Bandemer of Diamond B Realty, LLC are giving guided tours of Pine Ridge Ranch land parcels.

Why You Should Come June 9 and 10

Special pricing, owner financing, and discounts for cash purchase are available to you on June 9 and 10.

And lunch is on us!

We’re cooking up FREE chuckwagon lunches for all who come to tour the Pine Ridge Ranch land parcels June 9-10. Hamburgers, brats, Cowboy fixin’s for lunch, and the property you want on Pine Ridge Ranch await you!

And while you’re here, plan to stay the weekend at Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast. You’ll enjoy a unique and unforgettable stay and experience the authenticity of the cowboy way of life right on the Pine Ridge Ranch!


Want More Information?

If you would like information about this special weekend at Pine Ridge Ranch, call Russ Bandemer at 307-532-1717. If you would like more information regarding staying at Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast, contact Kathy Tollefson at 307-532-6496.

Need Directions to the Property You Want?

Directions to the ranch located at 1962 Pine Ridge Road are easy:

  • When you arrive in the town of Fort Laramie, turn onto North Laramie Avenue.
  • Continue driving north on North Laramie Avenue about 6.5 miles.
  • When you reach the entry gate, follow the signs to Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast.

What are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see you! Call 1 (307) 532-6496 to book your stay on June 9-10 at Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast. Then mark your calendar and find the property you want with the help of Diamond B Realty, LLC!

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