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The chuckwagon was the Cowboys’ mobile home on the range where “family” celebrated around the campfire at dinnertime.

Chuckwagon … What was the first image that came to your mind when you read “chuckwagon”? Did you see cowboys, cattle, a cook serving a ladle full of grub onto a tin plate?

Birth of the Cattle Drive and the American Chuckwagon

When the Civil War ended in the 1860’s, pioneers headed West looking for a new place to call home. And they came in droves! This created a great need for beef. Since cattle were located primarily in Texas, cattlemen began driving herds to markets North and East to meet the need. And the cattle drive was born.

Cowboys lived on and traveled the open prairies for months at a time which created another great need. These young, hard-working men needed to be fed on cattle drives. Thus, the chuckwagon was born.

The Cowboy Version of a Mobile Home on the Range

The chuckwagon was the first version of a mobile home. How so? It was the Cowboys’ home. For most of these young men, it was the only home they knew. And aside from the clothes on his back and the saddle he rode on, everything a cowboy owned was rolled up in his bedroll and thrown atop of the chuckwagon. The chuckwagon was the source of supplies for everything the cowboy needed.

Chuckwagon cooks were known for their cantankerous and surly dispositions. And although there was much bickering and name calling that went on between the cook and the cowboys, no outsider would dare be permitted to take the same liberties. For the cook and cowhands were like family, and they were loyal to each other.

Cooks prepared meals, repaired clothing, and equipment, entertained, provided medical help and moral support. Their relationships with their cowboys were unlike any that had never existed before. To the cowboy, the cook and his wagon was much more than a food truck. It was their home on the range where they could enjoy family dinnertime around the campfire for months at a time.

Chuckwagon grubCome and Get It!

The Cowboys’ chuckwagon still exists. Book your stay with us at Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast today and experience our version of Cowboy grub. Mmmmm mmmm good! Call Arnold and Kathy Tollefson at (307) 532-6496.

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