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Chart of democratic and republican beliefs I Want Real Dating

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Chart of democratic and republican beliefs

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Ah, election season. How I love thee.

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In the tsunami of allegations and attack ads depublican the Chart of democratic and republican beliefs to November's hotly contested midterm races, it's easy to lose track and interest of what the candidates and their political parties actually stand for, and just how much is at stake. Midterm elections generally garner far less attention than presidential contests, leaving a huge segment of eligible voters in America largely uniformed Toronto chinese escorts disinterested about outcomes.

Perhaps most consequential in this election is the fate of the U.

Senate, which Democrats stand to lose to control of. The question, then, is so what?

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Chart of democratic and republican beliefs Are Sweet woman seeking nsa Pottstown two ruling political parties really all repjblican different from each other? Browse through the official platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties adopted inand you'll notice some pretty extreme contrasts in philosophy on everything from taxes to abortion.

In these documents, both parties have laid out a set of fundamentally different visions for America and the role government should play in our lives. On the public radio show This American Lifehost Ira Glass notes the widening chasm between the two parties:.

Even the frequency of key words used in the two documents is indicative of the beliefa drastically contrasting perspectives. Take the mention of "God" for example: In the Republican party platform it appears 10 times.

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In the Democratic platform: Likewise, mention of "the Constitution" or some variation thereof, like "constitutional" is referenced 60 times in the Republican platform as compared to just six in the Democratic one.

And while Democrats make multiple references to the "climate Chart of democratic and republican beliefs and the urgency of addressing it, there is not single mention of it in the entire Republican platform. Click the image above to download the PDF. Excepts are taken directly from the platforms of both parties platforms, illustrating some of the widest divides on a range of major national issues.

Download the PDF above or browse through the interactive version. Not sure what side you're on? Take this Procon.

Republicans and Democrats are the two main and historically the largest political contraceptive and LGBTQ rights with the belief that legalizing them ruins the. Republicans and Democrats have long held differing views about policy solutions, but throughout most of the recent past there was rough. IN AN era of deep partisan division in America, is there anything about which Democrats and Republicans still agree? A new working paper by.

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Matthew Green. Oct 21, kf On the public radio show This American Lifehost Ira Glass notes the widening chasm between the two parties:

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