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Bersa thunder 22 pistol Wants Man

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Bersa thunder 22 pistol

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This small caliber semi-automatic is economical to shoot and packed with thoughtful features to improve comfort, accuracy, and durability. Perfect for anyone needing practice to maintain proficiency.

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Firearms Handgun Semi-Auto. In Stock and Ready to Ship.

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For them, the 22 Long Rifle in a pistol Bfrsa is easy to fire is a good choice. Properly loaded, the twenty-two can do a decent job, and this Thunder 22 allows the user to put eleven holes into a thundder in about four seconds. Recoil is almost nonexistent, and this Thunder 22 is easy to shoot fast, and makes it easy to Bersa thunder 22 pistol those bullets on target.

Critical specifications for the Thunder 22 are listed in the chart.

The weights are listed in ounces, and linear measurements in inches. The grip and frame widths were measured at their widest parts.

Bersa Semi-Automatic | Cheaper Than Dirt

The maximum width is measured across the slight ambidextrous thumb rests. The height includes the sights and magazine base.

The trigger pull on the Thunder 22 was smooth in double-action mode, stacking before the release. The single action pull is very good, with a smooth release and slight overtravel.

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The trigger pull is listed as pounds of pressure. Shooting the Thunder 22 proves that with any firearm, and 22 rimfires in particular, ammo makes all the difference.

Bersa thunder 22 pistol cheap bulk 22 Long Rifle ammo, the Bersa would not run reliably.

Seeking Sex Dating Bersa thunder 22 pistol

I ordered in some quality 22 ammo from Lucky Gunner, and the Thunder 22 ran very well after. I had many problems with the last batch of Federal bulk hollowpoint that I bought, with misfires in several different guns. I had one failure to fire with the Bersa thunder 22 pistol, and no other problems at all.

The Bersa cycled the ammo perfectly, and the slide always locked back after the last round was fired. I particularly like the CCI Velocitor 40 grain hollowpoint ammo.

Bersa Thunder 22 Semi-Automatic 22 LR Pistol

This pistol uses the same Lasergrip as does the Thunderand it works very well for making hits upon the target under low light conditions. The Thunder 22 has a pretty good set of sights, with the rear being adjustable for windage correction. The orange dot inserts make the sights easy to see in good light, but when it gets dark and Bersa thunder 22 pistol punks crawl out of hiding, a good laser sight is hard to beat, and I will not carry a defensive pistol without a Crimson Trace laser.

The laser makes hitting the target faster and more accurate for me, particularly if fired from an Torontos number 1 dating doctor position or under Bersa thunder 22 pistol.

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The Bersa Thunder 22 is a well-made Bersa thunder 22 pistol. The Bersas offer some of the best values on the market today. They are consistently priced below their competition, and they have a good reputation for reliability.

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I have owned several Bersa pistols, and get lots of email from satisfied Bersa users. The Thunder 22 is not the most powerful handgun Bersa thunder 22 pistol for defense, but it can serve well as a field pistol, for target practice, and as an understudy to the Bersa Thunder It can also serve as a defensive weapon when needed.

It will not bowl over an attacker like he was hit with Bersa thunder 22 pistol burst of 50 BMG rounds, but I know of no one who wants to be perforated with several 22 caliber holes.