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Best destination

Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast is the best destination in the West! Book your stay and find out why so many absolutely love our B&B.

The sounds of summertime are about to turn into the sounds of September. But there’s still time to plan a western adventure before that happens. Get away to the best destination in the West for cowboys, cookouts, and wide open spaces, a last hurrah before the school bell rings.

How the Best Destination in the West is like Other B&Bs

We Offer Incredible Value

Check the average daily rate of hotels today, and you’ll discover the incredible value of our B&B. Most B&Bs cost less than hotels, and they give you more “bang for your buck.”

Depending on your choice of accommodations at Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast, you’ll pay $145 to $185 per night. But when you look at the “extras” included in the cost per night, there’s no question about the value.

We Serve Sumptuous Homemade Breakfasts

It’s not uncommon for average, yet decent hotel chains to include free continental breakfasts for their guests. Some offer “free” alcoholic drinks and “free” buffet-type dinners, too, but not without a price. It’s reflected in their nightly rates. And just how tasty is that “free” meal as compared to something, anything homemade? Again, there’s no comparison.

Our guests wake up to Arnold’s Cowboy Coffee cooked over an open campfire, Bear Signs, and Kathy’s hot, fresh, homemade breakfasts.

Our Amenities are Free, Really

B&Bs are known for their amenities and personal attention. Yes, some hotel staff are a lot of fun and offer great customer service, but free access to their laundry facility? Nope. And the more you ask for, the larger your bill total. It takes work to get the most for every dollar spent with a hotel even if their staff is top-notch.

The Common Area at Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast offers the following amenities to our guests:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Our extensive western history library
  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Washer
  • Dryer

We are All About Our Guests and Their Comfort

Hotels can’t treat you like family. They just can’t. They’re too big of an operation for that. B&Bs, however, are small, individual, and unique. Their owners see you as a guest, an individual, not as a patron or customer. And they will gladly go out of their way to accommodate you. For example, if you’re visiting from Florida and the nights are a tad too chilly for you, we’ll provide extra blankets to ward off the chill. And if you’ll be arriving later than the normal dinner time, we’ll make arrangements to ensure you won’t go to bed hungry when you arrive.

B&B owners are usually seasoned locals so they know where to go, what to do, and when to see things. We will happily recommend the best restaurants and things to do. Ask about our meal plans. We can even make a picnic lunch for you to eat while you’re away from the B&B visiting historic sites, floating down the river, or taking a hike.

How the Best Destination in the West is Unlike Other B&Bs

Best destinationFort Laramie Bed and Breakfast is unlike other B&Bs. It was born of a love for the West, its history, traditions, and the cowboy culture.

Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast isn’t a big, historic home with quaint rooms to rent. The amenities we offer don’t exist in our “rooms.” We boast rustic and authentic over quaint.

Our guests choose to sleep in a Tipi, 1900s Sheep Wagon, Cowboy Bunkhouse or the Officer’s Quarters in the Common Area. The Cowboy Bunkhouse and Officer’s Quarters have indoor plumbing. But if you choose the Tipi or Sheep Wagon, the Outhouse and Cowboy Shower are available for you to use. Think modern and exhilarating. The Outhouse and Cowboy Shower are guest favorites!

The amenities our B&B offers are all inside the Common Area. This creates a family atmosphere since everything to do on the grounds is all in one room. Guests can eat a meal, watch TV, take care of business with Wi-Fi access, do their laundry, read books, and play board games in the Common Area. This is where you’ll find the Keurig coffee pot.

The Cowboy culture is apparent and runs throughout Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast. The chuckwagon, Cowboy grub, and old West artifacts give our B&B a western flair you can’t escape.

Our goal is to introduce our guests to the lifestyle of the cowboys, Indians, homesteaders, and pioneers who forged this great country. We want to help our guests experience the West and its history and create memories to last a lifetime.

Experience the Best Destination in the West

Come experience the best destination in the West for yourself. Get a taste for the Cowboy way of life and fall in love with the West and it history, like we did. You won’t want to leave.

Arnold and Kathy Tollefson’s roots run deep here in the West. Their families homesteaded in Montana. Since the Cowboy Way Ranch is a working ranch, their love for the West runs deep, too. They’re the real deal. Call them today at (307) 532-6496 and book your stay before this summer ends. There’s a Stetson just waiting to be worn and another Cowboy to be born!

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